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KnockOut Gym has set out to deliver fine-tuned regimes in Body Building, Weight Management, Fitness and Martial Arts

About K.O.Gym
Qualified Coaches
Our coaches have years of experience in delivering training regimes that provide 286 results. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or master martial arts, our coaches will develop the right regime for you.
Personalised approach
All of our clients will have the chance to enrol in one of our more personalised membership packages that will give them access performance evaluations, progress monitoring, nutritional guidance and tailored regimes.
Modern Equipment
At KnockOut gym we are fully equipped to support your transformation.
Our qualified fitness and martial arts coaches have selected the best equipment for you.

At Knock Out each individual client is recognized and their individual needs and goals are taken into account. We believe that everyone is unique and thus treat each person in a way that will allow them to grow mentally whilst meeting physical goals. The regimes used are tailor made to fit the body type, lifestyle and goals of each individual client.
KnockOut gym’s Ultimate and Professional memberships include tailored gym regimes, nutritional advice and performance monitoring, they also include performance evaluations. This helps us to determine the way in which your body reacts to selected methods; regimes will always be tailored to deliver maximum results. In essence, we ensure that every client becomes a part of the family and that everyone is taken care of- be it kids, the elderly and professional fighters.
Our regimes have been developed over a long period of time by professionals who have worked in France and Luxembourg. Using a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as a proven track record of positive results we are confident that our expertise can help you carve out the results you want.

Our Memberships
Standard Ultimate

The Standard KnockOut membership:

Our standard membership gives clients access to our facility. It is aimed at clients who are comfortable with using all gym equipment and have a regime that they feel works best- this is not recommended for those who are aiming to meet specific and targeted goals- it does however give you the chance to work out in a safe environment that is uniquely equipped. We have a lot of equipment focused on encouraging the use of training methods practiced by fighters around the world.

The Ultimate KnockOut membership:

The Ultimate membership provides members with a unique personal touch to their training regimes. An assessment of an individual is made and their goals are considered in order to develop a regime aimed at meeting a specific goal. Performance monitoring and nutritional guidance is provided as well as unlimited group classes. The philosophy behind this individual approach allows us to give you the attention you need to meet your goals in the safest way possible. We specialize in developing regimes that suit a vast range of needs you may have including; Weight Loss, Increasing Muscle Mass, Muscle Toning, cardiovascular health and Injury Recovery.

Youth Programs  

Youth Programs:

KnockOut gym is committed to promoting fitness amongst the youth. We enjoy educating the youth about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We regularly run classes for children aged 6-16 at our premises as well as in schools. These classes include fitness, teambuilding activities, martial arts and tailored personal training regimes for children interested in particular sports such as football. Group classes for children are held in a separate training room to the adult gym. We help develop self-confidence and encourage both the physical and mental development of our youth. Please get in touch to enquire about how we can support the physical development of your children.

Group Classes

Mixed Adult Classes

High Intensity Interval Training based on martial arts strengthening techniques focused on building lean muscle mass whilst promoting healthy weight loss.

A Mix of many striking arts using hands and feet, (Jeet Kun Do, Muay Thai, Sanda) trained in the recognised and famous Dutch kick-boxing way.

Includes a combination of principles and training systems of close combat. (jui-jitsu, BJJ and Wrestling)

Women’s Classes

Fit 4 life
Getting rid of that unwanted weight is made easier through a specially designed class that is sure to get your heart pumping.

Curves Up
This class is a combination of HIIT and martial arts exercises aimed and building core strength and toning your body to give you the figure you want.

Youth Classes

All our youth classes are split up in the following age groups: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 and 13-16

Growing Champions
Our Growing Champion classes help children to get fit and exercise the muscle groups that they need to enjoy playing their favourite sports. (Available for children aged 4-16)

Rising Stars
Martial Arts and self-defence techniques aimed at encouraging healthy muscle growth and promoting cardiovascular activity. (Available for children aged -16 Only)

Get in touch to book classes and receive information on class timings

Meet our Coaches
Christian Elombo “Chris”

Chris is truly a mastermind when it comes to developing personalised regimes based on your individual needs. His 18 year long career in the fitness industry started after finishing his duty in the army. Chris has since gone on to become a recognised member of the Federation of Martial Arts of Luxemburg (FMAL) and soon after became an affiliate of Dan Inosanto- one of Bruce Lee’s most recognised teachers. He has taught and practiced martial arts for over 14 years and in 2004, Chris formed a part of a mission that introduced capoeira to the region. His experience and passion for fitness, martial arts and fitness amongst the youth is what motivates him to train, coach and practice. Chris is here to help you reach your full potential!

Yousef Emad

Yousef is our very own, in house “Man of Steel”.

5 Years ago Yousef set out on a mission to develop himself into an athlete.

He met with numerous trainers and spent countless hours in the gym to develop a regime that has allowed him to excel in the field.

5 years later, after gaining almost 40 Kilos in lean muscle mass Yousef has won numerous lifting and bodybuilding competitions.

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